At the Greenhouse, we believe that we have a major influence in preserving our world for future generations. With that thought in mind, the Greenhouse has implemented several sustainability initiatives to make our campus a more environmentally friendly place to work:

  • The exterior and interior of the building have been painted a lighter and more reflective color, reducing heat absorption and increasing energy efficiency.
  • The use of green technology for renovations and recyclable products has been implemented.
  • We have increased our recycling material efforts by 100% since previous ownership.
  • The most advanced energy efficient wireless thermostats have been installed throughout the building to control all HVAC and maximize effectiveness. The return on investment was 5 months, and the building has not increased its electrical costs now on average for 3 years!
  • Photo sensors were installed in the atrium to turn off unnecessary lighting when the atrium is lit by the sun.
  • Motion sensors were installed in all restrooms to turn off lights for long periods of inactivity.
  • LED lighting is being implemented throughout the building to reduce energy costs.
  • Low maintenance landscaping was installed to reduce water consumption.

We focus on sustainability at the Greenhouse.

Remember, every little bit we can do to reduce our ‘footprint’ makes a BIG difference!